Welcome on board - Bienvenue a bord - Welkom aan boord

halletje / hall
woonkamer / salon
stuurhuis / wheelhouse
badkamer voor/ bathroom front
slaapkamer / master bedroom
logeerkamer / guestroom


The interior

't Majeur has all facilities and comfort to stay on board long periodes and even live on boaord, like we do.
Below a drawing of the layout with explanation and referal to the links for the corresponding photoalbums.

plattegrond/ layout







1 = master bedroom with en suite
2 = engine room
3 = wheelhouse
4 = kitchen
5 = salon
6 = bathroom front
7 = guest cabin
8 = starboard cabin
9 = focsle and workshed
10 =corridors
11 =aft deck

The wheelhouse is situated higher than the other rooms because it is over the engine room; the aft deck is over the aft cabin.
For information about and pictures of the outside see the pagethe Barge andhere

Please click on the pictures to see them in the original size and better perspective.

Back to front:
The spacious and covered aft deck (11) offers room outside shielded from rain or too much sun. Along the roof three “curtains” can be attached to the frame, on different places, depending on the wind. The back half of the roof can easily be opened to get sunshine on the aft deck.
The canopy over the aft deck can be lowered or raised electrically, just before a bridge or tunnel and so it is very easy to adjust the air draught while making optimal use of the outdoor space while barging.
The wheelhouse can not be lowered, the aft deck roof can be lowered to the level of the wheelhouse.
We choose this construction instead of a higher, lowerable wheelhouse, after much deliberation, because now we can have double glazing in the wheelhouse and therefore can use that room all year round. It is a bit like a conservatory.
The consequence of this choice is that we can't barge the whole of the Nivernais or the whole of the Canal du Midi; but there is about 7500km of navigable water left for us in France, let alone the rest of Europe inland waterways. We have never regretted this choice for moment.

The wheelhouse (3) is the only space with fixed furniture, the benches. Underneath the benches is the necessary headroom for the bathroom underneath.
On starboard and on port are sliding doors, near the steering position, at the back are folding doors giving access to the aft deck.
The floor at the steering position can be raised, while barging, by lowering the platform as you can see on the photos; when not moving it is folded upright providing more room.

The en suite master bedroom (1), with its own bathroom, containing a shower, a sink and dry toilet; it is situated at the back of the barge underneath the aft deck.
There is a spacious cupboard and ample storing space under the bed. The bed is accessible from both sides, two easy steps on both sides of the bed.
In this room and the corridor leading to it are 10 portholes plus another two in the bathroom and a hatch in the ceiling to the aft deck, lots of light and air.
All portholes, throughout the whole barge, have fixed fly screens and can be left open all the time because they don't rain in.
From the little hallway underneath the stairs to the wheelhouse you can get to the bedroom by the corridor passing under the wheelhouse and starboard side deck.
This corridor is the only place with a lowered ceiling. The door to the engine room, placed under the wheelhouse, leads from this corridor, providing easy access.

The engine room (2) has no standing height but nevertheless is efficient to work in. During the 2008 conversion everything of a technical nature has been replaced or added. We took into account that it should be maintenance friendly; for further information look at the pagesTechnical information andsales information
The salon (5) with open plan kitchen has big windows that give a good view and let in a lot of light.
The big skylight gives the room an airy atmosphere; it has a sun reflecting screen. The skylight doubles as a hatch for removal.
The windows can be opened and there are 4 fly screens to put in.
The table in the salon can be enlarged by attaching a second top and so makes a good working space.
In the kitchen there is a dishwasher, an electric oven, a microwave and a 5-burner cooker (1 double ring). Partly under the side deck is a lot of working space.
The tiles in the kitchen behind the stove are original tiles from the former, now demolished (see conversion) aft cabin
From the salon a corridor, with lots of storage space on one side and the door to the bathroom on the other side, leads to the front cabins.

The port cabin (7) is a spacious room with two single beds that can be joined. The sliding door between the beds leads to a big cupboard, as wide as the room.
In this room is one of the cupboards that used to be in the, former, aft cabin.
Two portholes and a hatch provide light and ventilation.
In the bathroom (6) with water closet, tiled shower and sink (and another old cupboard salvaged from the original aft cabin) is the washing machine behind a curtain. There is no dryer but room to place one and a special cupboard for drying racks. Light comes in through the porthole.
In the starboard cabin (8) you’ll find on one side two folding bunk beds mounted to the wall; on the other side is on big cupboard with three sliding doors and lots more storage space. Next to the beds is a big wardrobe with hanging space, the old doors come from the former aft cabin, and another open cupboard.
Like in the port cabin two portholes and a hatch provide light and ventilation.
Trough this room is the access to the work shed and the focsle.
In the focsle is plenty of space for storage for materials and tools, this space is accessible from the outside through the big hatch in the front deck.
In between the starboard cabin and the focsle is the small but very efficient and useful work shed.

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