Welcome on board - Bienvenue a bord - Welkom aan boord

guest bathroom
corridor from living to guestquaters


The interior

The information on this page is not compleet and the pictures are not up to date.
We're working hard to soon show here al the information that is of interrest to potential buyers.
Untill then please get intouch with us and come back later.

Our barge is large enough to accomodate several people at one time without hindering another.

In the front of the bargethere is the guest suite, the accomodation is for two guests.
It contains a cabin with two beds, to be used separately or as a twin bed and a private bathroom, with shower, washbasin and toilet.
The guest suite is comfortable to take a rest an has it's own coffee and tea facilities.

‘t Majeur is a very comfortable ship and therefore a pleasant place to be.
Weather permitting you can sit out on the aft sundeck or on the smaller deck up front (privately for guests). If the weather is less favourable you can sit in the pilothouse or the salon, where TV/DVD, radio, books and board games are available.

The guest suite can only be booked as a whole, so it is not possible that we have guests that don't know each other.

The owner cabin, with ensuite bathroom, is at the back of the barge.

The wheelhouse is situated higher than the other rooms because it is over the engine room.

Overall look interieur





't Majeur is well accessible and has enough hand holds but one has to be able to manage a few easy steps, six at most. Unfortunately access with walking frame or wheelchair is not possible.

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