Welcome on board - Bienvenue a bord - Welkom aan boord

Paris, on the Seine
the captain and his mate
shipscook and shipsmate
light at the end of the tunnel
Antwerp harbour


Welcome at the website 't Majeur

On this site you will find the information about the barge, about us and the life we live, sailing the canals and rivers.

On our 26 meter luxemotor we sail, since 2009, through Holland, Belgium, France and Germany.Untill 2018 we sailed every year from April till October and were moored somewhere in a townharbour, mostly Amersfoort the last years.As of January 2018 we have a permanent mooring in Utrecht on the Vaartse Rijn. We still sail but no longer , obligatory, 6 months a year.

Trough theblog and the linkwhere are we now you can follow our journey and see where the barge is.

The skippers

We are Rebecca Mater and Michel de Lange, we live on 't Majeur along withPanache our dog (an Italian water dog).
We have always had the intention to live on a ship and sail it. At first we thought of a sailing ship but it turned out to be on a luxemotor.
For a try-out we boarded a tjalk that traveled the canals of France. After that we had a holiday on a rented boat in France and we were part owner of the Donjeux for a couple of years (a 17m ship that had Auxerre as home base and we could use for a few weeks each year, like the other 9 co-owners).

Once our children left house and we reorganised our work, we metaphorically altered course: sold the house and bought a barge, so we literally could take the helm in hand.

Late 2006, as we seriously started to search for a ship we realized that we needed help from someone on our side, who would assist us in search and negotiations and with the technical knowledge we lacked.
Luck was with us and we were introduced to Willem de Vries. He has been our mainstay in the process of searching, choosing and buying and ultimately in theconversion.
We have seen many ships over the years and finally, summer 2007, found the ship we could both imagine to spend many years on.

And thus started our adventure on 't Majeur.

By now we are over ten years on and we had the most wonderful time barging the (inland) waterways of Europe.
There would be lots more to see and do for us, if not we had been cought by what happens in life.
Due to unforseen medical reasons, see our last blog, the time has come for us to choose a different way of living.
We would have loved going on for many more years so will say goodbye with a tear to this free life.
't Majeur is not only a way of transport for us but has been all these years, and still is, our home where we enjoy to live.
It could be our home for many more years to come, after all it's a lovely spacious "appartment" but this a boat and a great one for barging and we hope very much that it will be bought by people who will be as happy on 't Majeur as we have always been.

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