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Kanaal Brussel-Charleroi
industie, vergane glorie
Maubeuge, nieuwe steiger


The Sambre and surroundings

Still the stoppage in Vadencourt is not repaired, see below, though now there is still talk about it happening in 2020 and there are finances available. Along the Belgian part of the canal there are activities like the building of new quays and little harbours. We keep hoping that one day we can make the whole trip, but when.....?

The canalised river Sambre was once a very important connection between the coalmines in the Chambrai area and Paris. In the sixties this has deteriorated and about six years ago the aquaduct near Vadencourt has broken down and all traffic is barred.
This makes this rural route a nice and very quiet cruising area. The Sambre takes us in Belgium from Charleroi to Erquelinnes, passing some very old factories up to the French border.
And then in France from Jeumont to Landrecies, about 52 km and 9 locks, a very rural area, green hills and and banks with trees and flowers.
Just after Landrecies we can turn, an absolute necessity because of Vadencourts stoppage.

There are plans, for years now, to repair the aquaduct which will no doubt lead to an increase in traffic.



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