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Travel plans

Learning from our experiences, we now know that re-routing is a regular exercise for a variety of reasons.
Broken locks or bridges, too much or too little water in the canal we are heading for, collapsing banks or a current too strong to pleasantly cruise due to heavy rains or a interdiction for bigger ships to name a few.
But also if we like it so much somewhere that we want to stay longer than planned or, as often happens, meet friends or make new aquaintences we change the plan.

Recent years we barged not as much as before, for different reasons like medical or work that had to be done on the barge ( see als the blog last reports).
Therefore we have decided to sell the barge and will go traveling by other means.
Aslong as 't Majeur is not sold we keep on barging, it's to much fun, but for shorter periodes and besides we live on 't Majeur and this is a lovely house and home to us.

This year, 2019, we go to Brabant and Northern Belgium. We will participate in the DBA rally in Den Bosch by the end of May and maybe go to Friesland by the end of the season, we'll see.

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