Welcome on board - Bienvenue a bord - Welkom aan boord




Since January 2018 we can, all the time, moore the boat on our own fixed mooring in Utrecht.
We bought this mooring a few years ago, that means we bought the boat that was moored there at the time which gave us the permission to change that for 't Majeur on a later date. This other boat we rented out for a few years till the moment came for us to take over with 't Majeur

We like it very much in Utrecht, it is a lively (university)city wher you can find numerous activities.
We now have our own official postal adress, a letter box and utility connections, it has its advantages.

The mooring is really close to the Amsterdam-Rijncanal and from there it's easy to barge further.
Next to the barge a small dinghy is moored that we can use to cruise through Utrecht, a great pleasure when the weather is beautiful.
That's how many people think and on warmer days along 't Majeur it's busy with all kinds of small boats going in and out the town centre. Not just small ones because this is part of the main route through Utrecht.

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